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DimensionU Games
Comprised of four engaging, multiplayer games with access to curriculum in both Math and Literacy, grades 3 – 9. Each game is designed with unique features to bring out distinct academic and strategic skills in students.
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Meltdown is the DimensionU game that offers students a second chance when answering difficult questions, and rewards creative strategies to achieve victory.
Swarm is DimensionU's team-based game that most strongly reinforces cooperation and collaboration between students to achieve a common goal
Towerstorm is the DimensionU game that is best for working through the most curriculum in the shortest amount of time.
Velocity is DimensionU's high-speed obstacle course that ensures players answer questions correctly in order to continue progressing through the race.
Evolver Pre-Algebra Single Player
Xeno Island is a world where nature is replaced with technology and math has transcended to a new dimension. Land on a secluded beach, travel inside giant tree roots, activate power cores and explore research facilities to reveal the truth about Xeno Island. Use math to solve puzzles, defeat enemies and uncover mysteries.
Missions 1-5: Virus Origin - Use math like prime numbers, perfect squares and order of operations to investigate energy readings in an abandoned research facility.
Missions 6-10: Power Source - Use math such as proportions, number lines and adding/subtracting integers to cut off the satellite’s transmission link to the Island to stop the spread of Nanobots.
Missions 11-15: Nano Campus - Use math such as parameters, evaluating expressions, and translating phrases into expressions to activate the campus Power Core.
Missions 16-20: Trail Ends - The final search will lead you to the Canyon Research Facility where you will discover a surprise! Follow the trail of Nanobots using math such as function tables, finding and plotting coordinates and solving equations.
Dimenxian Algebra Single Player
A bio-digital virus has been released on a remote island and threatens to infect the world’s eco-system and destroy mankind. Join forces in a race to disengage the virus and restore the island to its natural environment.

Mission 1: Wayfinder (Coordinate Systems, Graphing) - Locate four weather stations and perform a graphical analysis of weather station data to disengage the virus.
Mission 2: Mutant Tag (Investigating Linear Relationships) - Track down and capture biosynthetic creatures to analyze for data. Stun them, then measure and upload the data to the mainframe computer
Mission 3: Pipeline Cavern (Data Analysis, Identify Linear Relationships) - A pipeline within a cavern breaks, spewing important data. Jet around the cavern to recover the data then analyze and interpret the data on a graph before the sector is shut down.
Mission 4: Plasma Generators (Application of Linear Relationships) - Earth tremors have disabled the plasma systems that power the transformers scattering fuel cells about the island. Search for cells that contain ordered pairs that fit a given line then deliver to the transformers and plot the data.